Doula Imprints Healing Recommendations:


Sitz Bath

When is a sitz bath used?

A sitz bath doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription. Some people use sitz baths regularly as a way to cleanse the perineum. In addition to its use in cleansing, the sitz bath’s warm water increases blood flow to the perineal area. This can promote faster healing. A sitz bath also relieves:

• itching

• irritation

• minor pain

Common reasons why you might want to consider using a sitz bath include:

• recently having surgery on the vulva or vagina

• recently having given birth

• recently having hemorrhoids surgically removed

• having discomfort from hemorrhoids

• having discomfort with bowel movements

Both children and adults can use sitz baths. Parents should always supervise their children during a sitz bath.

Doctors sometimes prescribe medications or other additives to put in a sitz bath*. An example is povidone-iodine, which has antibacterial properties. Adding table salt, vinegar, or baking soda to the water can also create a soothing solution. But you may take a sitz bath using only warm water. 

Doula would be happy to supply you with a bag of fresh herbs and or run a bath with herbs and essential oils, if desired.

*A sitz bath is not intended as a medical treatment. You should consult with your doctor for all medical concerns.

What’s included in your fresh herb sitz bag.



Sea Salt

This natural detoxifier will provide the needed minerals to help the body heal quickly. It can also encourage peaceful sleep for both mama and baby.


This relaxing floral scent and was an important ingredient in ancient Roman Baths. It is not only promotes restfulness, but is antibacterial, antifungal, and an antioxidant.

Plantain Leaf

This herb has been used for centuries in order to heal inflammation and promote quick healing.

Witch Hazel

An ancient herb used for hemorrhoid relief and treatment is known for its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.


Both the dried herb and flowers can be used with similar properties. Yarrow has wonderful antibacterial and anti-fungal compounds that are helpful in replenishing the intestinal flora. It is also helpful in stopping bleeding from hemorrhage.


This herb is known for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown its effectiveness in healing wounds.


This herb has a relaxing scent an is helpful to soothe anxiety, and inflammation. It is also a natural antibiotic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.


Essential Oils

Recommended for postpartum care:

  • Witch Hazel: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, oil balancing, moisturizing and a natural astringent
  • Aloe Vera: often referred to as natures miracle plant, helps on contact to hydrate, heal and repair skin
  • Lavender: calms swelling or inflammation of the skin, supports regeneration
  • Frankincense: helps to heal any tears, broken skin and irritation, heal and repair skin
  • Clary Sage: is an effective anti-fungal, helps to re-tone the area and also relieves pain and cramping
  • Geranium: helps heal broke capillaries, conditions skin
  • Small Spray Bottle: great for products that need to be applies by misting

Also recommended by the doula:

    Clara Derm by Young Living

**Doula will have bottles upon request, for a fee.**

What To Do

Simply fill the spray bottle half way with witch hazel, then add 5-10 drops of each essential oil. 

Add in about 4 tablespoons of aloe Vera and top off with witch hazel. Shake to combine the ingredients together. 

Store in refrigerator to help create a “cool misting” effect.

Another use for this mixture is to create, “padsicle” by spraying down feminine pads until damp (not soaked), then rewrap pads and store in freezer until needed. The combination of witch hazel, essential oils and cooling effect is a wonderful pain-relieving combination!!

**Doula will have spray bottles upon request, for a small fee**


Essential oils and treatments found on this page are aids to your recovery. Doula is not medically qualified, therefore you should consult with your doctor for all medical concerns and always call 911 in an emergency.