Postpartum doulas are specically trained and experienced to offer pregnant people physical,

emotional, and educational support after childbirth. Your postpartum doula will meet you in your home, in a birth center, or a hospital. That said, doulas do not provide medical support. That work is still for your midwife or OBGYN to do!

What Role Can Your Doula Fullfill

Knows Birth Recovery

How long should you stay in after birth? How long will you bleed? Should you still feel contractions? Postpartum doulas are familiar with how bodies heal from labor, and help you care for yourself in a way that fits you and your family.

Fills the Household Care Gap

Dishes and laundry may be some of the last things you want to do in your waking hours with your newborn. Doulas can help with household tasks like these, or care for your baby while you take a baby break and do it the way you like.

Knows Newborn Care

 As a new parent, you may have a lot of questions, and even think, “I’m in charge? But I’ve never done this!” Postpartum doulas are there to answer the questions they can, direct you to professionals for the questions they can’t answer, and reassure you that, yes! – you’re well-equipped to love and care for this new tiny human.

Listens to Your Concerns

New parents often feel like they can’t really be honest about their first weeks and months. When people ask, “How’s parenthood?” you may feel pressure to answer a certain way. Postpartum doulas offer a safe, judgment-free space for you to be really honest about what’s frustrating, upsetting, difficult, joyous, and more. Whether it has to do with baby’s health, your health, your emotions, expectations, or anything else; there’s nothing you can’t share with your doula.

Beside Family to Support You

Postpartum doulas and family members are a perfect match. Your family’s support and help are priceless and irreplaceable. And your doula is someone you can talk to from a fresh slate, with a different perspective. Both can assist you at once, or take turns so you have “hands on deck” more often than you might otherwise. Fits like a glove!

Hands-On Care Just for You

Knowledge is one thing, but what’s a doula going to do for you and baby for hours in your house each week? Watch baby while you take a shower, or a nap, or spend some time with an older child; make you tea, or a quick meal; get you water or snacks while you breastfeed or bottle feed, or make you tea or a quick meal. There are many ways your postpartum doula can make life just a little bit easier in a rhythm that works for you.

How Families & Doulas Fit Together

Family: Knows New Parents Best

Family, you’ve been in the birthing parent’s life far longer than your doula. You probably know what they hope for and fear about being parents, and you understand them in ways few others do! You are the most highly trained and experienced people in the knowledge of them.

Family: Approaches with Intimacy

No one can replace or replicate the level of care that you have for this new family. Your touch, voice, gifts, and words will resonate. You can support the new parents in your family with things no new person can offer, from an unmeasurable depth of love.

Family: Around the Clock Presence

It’s not uncommon for new parents to have their own parents or an older family member live-in with them for a few weeks or months. Or have people come by in shifts who live close. Both are great ways to have support whenever, and as much as needed.

Doula: Knows Postpartum

Doulas enter into your home with specific training and insight to offer about the time after birth. Your doula will be able to ll in with household roles so you can be more rested, answer questions when you have them, assure you of what’s normal, and connect to more help when needed.

Doula: Engages from Experience

Your doula is equipped to care for your

family with training and experience, whether personal or professional. That means their mind is full of tips and tricks and resources to benefit you. And unlike your family, get to interview and pick your doula!

Doula: Switches In/Out as Needed

When you hire a doula you’ll create a routine of care that best fits your family. It may be during the day, or even overnight, as some doulas offer nighttime support. Whatever the hours, you can be sure your doula will be there for your calls and texts, too!

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